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Volume 41, Winter 2022, Issue 4 of Madison County Musings released

The Winter issue of the Madison County Musings was mailed on November 15th. The cover features a photograph of the home of Ernie and Iona Luck Vaughan, taken in 1956 near Clifty.

The cover photograph is accompanied by an article written by Iona Vaughan in the 1990's entitled "The Trail I took."

This is the 164th issue of the Musings since the founding of the society and contains pages 179 - 237 of Volume 41.

Table of Contents - Musings, Volume 41, No. 4, Winter, 2022

Page No. article title author
179 Iona Luck Vaughan: The Trail I Took - Biographical, with pictures and pedigree chart. Iona Vaughan (Written in the 1990's and typed as she wrote it.
191 Ozark Customs: Shooting for beef; Anvil shooting; Mast for the hogs; Time by sun; chimney building; Making Lye. Otto Ernest Rayburn, c. 1959
196 Madison County Residents and Businesses, Part 5 - covering a period from 1830 to 1900. Compiled by Wally Waits (Parts 1 - 4 are in the Summer, Fall, and Winter 2021 Musings and Spring 2022 Musings.
201 Justice of the Peace Criminal Docket 1901 - 1903 for Prairie Township, Madison County Taken from the Justice of the Peace book of C.S. Keeney, J.P.
208 Thompson, Arkansas and John Knox Pool - Boston Mountains still echo sounds of vanished hamlets. John I. Smith (contains photographs)
214 Delayed Birth Certificates Madison County - for people born 1888, Part 5 Parts 1 & 2 were published by the Musings Staff in Vol. 41, No. 1 & 2. Part 3 in Summern 2022; Part 4 in in Fall 2022.
220 Rev. Daniel L. Saunders, M.D. Wally Waits (date of article unknown)
223 Some Old Obituaries of Madison County Residents from 1856 - 1904 Musings Staff
226 Madison County Land Patents, part 105 Musings Staff
228 Early Obituaries through 1949, Part 114 Musings Staff

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Originally published by Gloria Sisk in 1986 as part of the state and county Sesquicentennial celebration, this interesting book contains interviews with Madison County Residents and lots of historical information, 258 pages, indexed. This book has been out of print for years so get your copy while our supply lasts. The cost of this book is $15 if picked up at the Society office on N. Gaskill St.

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Drakes Creek Area Cemeteries - Now Available!!

  1. The 12th book about Madison County Cemeteries is now available and ready for shipping.
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Our Smith Family: The Descendants of Simeon Peter Smith I, Madison County Arkansas

  1. Also contains allied family information on the Lee, Weaver & Williams families;
  2. 246 pages, 23 photos; full name index; price is $25.00 (plus $4.50 if mailed. For Ordering information, click here.

When the Presbyterians Came to Kingston

We now have reprinted the book "When The Presbyterians Came to Kingston: Kingston Community Church 1917-1951", by Abby Burnett with Ellen Compton and John D. Little. It is 261 pages long and has 108 photos in it. The cost is $29.50 which includes shipping and handling.

"This book covers the history, construction and operation of the large two-storied Presbyterian Church and adjoining school which was built on Community Hill in Kingston in the mid-1920's. The first graduating class was in 1925. Later a hospital was operated in conjunction with this Church and other social programs were offered to the people of the area which would not have otherwise been available. Many of the available programs were supported by the Board of Home Missions of the Presbyterian Church (especially the Brick Church) in New York state. The book presents the many factors that led to the closing of the school and the destruction of the two-storied Presbyterian Church in the 1940's."

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