History of Witter, Arkansas - 1830 - 2003

357 pages, 77 photos, 6 Witter Cemeteries, historical stories of the area, family history section, and full name index. $35.00 plus S&H

Table of Contents

  1. History of Witter, Arkansas
  2. Area Map of Witter showing cemetery locations
  3. Indexing explanations
  4. Witter Cemetery
  5. Map of Witter Cemetery, row by row
  6. Old Smith Family Cemetery
  7. Map of Smith Cemetery
  8. Captain Smith Cemetery
  9. Map of Captain Smith Cemetery
  10. Locust Ridge Cemetery
  11. Scattered graves in the Witter Area
  12. St. Peter's Cemetery
  13. Bear Hunt near Witter, 1840's
  14. Civil War tales
  15. History of Witter area
  16. Major Keck interview, 1939
  17. Horse Thief buried near Ogden school
  18. Indians in the Witter area
  19. Legend of War Eagle
  20. 1911 Newspaper article
  21. Slow Tom Hollow
  22. Old Stomping Barn on Ogden homestead
  23. History of Witter Post Office
  24. Early Schools
  25. Original Land Patents
  26. Over 70 local family histories

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