Madison County Arkansas U. S. Census Books

The Society staff has researched all U.S. Census records for Madison County and has compiled then into 12 books, all which are indexed for easy researching. The 1910, 1920, and 1930 Censuses are so large that they are contained in two volumes, each which can be purchased separately.

Madison County Arkansas U. S Census - 1870
Contains 130 typed pages and index. Cost is $25.00 plus S & H.

  • Whorton's Creek Township
  • Bowen Township
  • Calafornia Township
  • Hilburn Township
  • Kings River Township
  • Marble Township
  • Piney Township
  • Prairie Township
  • Richland Township
  • Valley
  • War Eagle Township
  • Index

(1870 Census book is pictured in the middle)

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